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Snow Report and Weather Jindabyne, Perisher, Snowy Mountains. Snowcams for
Weather Snowy Mountains: - Lake Jindabyne EST: Forecast: overnight low of -8 with -2 daytime temperature in the ski resorts of Thredbo and Perisher.Come down for look around and explore the mountains / lakes ! - book online for accommodation -

PERISHER   Snowcams  courtesy of Perisher. Stay in Jindabyne - at Alpine Resort Motel - explore Lake Jindabyne and surrounding mountains from now till Late June. Water ski or sail , swim in the Lake or in the local indoor pool,  examine the huge variety of walks through the National Park .  Come on down !

THREDBO   Snowcams  courtesy of Thredbo. explore Khancoban and surrounding mountains till Late June. Water ski or sail , swim in  Lake Jindabyne or in the local indoor pool,  examine the huge variety of walks through the adjacent National Park . Snowcam info:  Live weather snowcam updated regularly in winter

Perisher front Valley Snowcam Central Spur - View across to Antons on Central Spur with the top of High Noon to the right
Lake Jindabyne Thredbo mountain view cam

Jindabyne nightlife is happening. Try the LJ , Brumby Bar, Banjo , Bowling Club, Station, for nightlife, discos, bands , snooker, meeting people, or have a cosy 'round the log fire'   night at Alpine Resort Motel. Jindabyne lake is open in summer for sailing, water skiing, fishing.  Explore the lake by rented boat.  You can also rent Mountain Bikes, or just go for walks round the Lake.   There are also plenty of walks throughout the National Parks.  

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School holidays limited vacancies left - book now .........


Autumn  - March to May

March to June - Beautiful weather - great scenery - falling  leaves and easy weather to walk in. For mountain walks you should take a good jumper, and have a jacket in case it gets cold quickly. Especially important for walks to Kosciuszko. Daytime can also be warm. Mountain weather can be more unpredictable than coastal areas. If you are going out for the evening, take a jumper or coat.   Come down soon !!  When you arrive, talk to reception for information on where to go, and local information from your Aussie Host trained staff.

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Winter - June to August

Escape to Australia's winter playground. Weather can be snowing or just cool and sunny nights are always cold, although some go out and Party, or even night skiing. Dress for cold weather, and also have a parka or ski suit, or hire from Martys discount ski hire. Have gloves, or buy them from our discount shop.  Kids especially should be comfortable and warm. A nice tip for families with little children playing in the snow, build a snowman AFTER lunch, as their hands will get cold, so build it , take photos, then head back to your warm motel.. Night time , going out , jumper, jacket, or Parka. otherwise, catch a cab !!  When you arrive, let us get you all organised, just leave it to us ! 

Spring - September to November

Summer - December to February

Summer is an ideal holiday time in the Australian Alps - Get away from the big heat of the city, especially at night, sleep better in the cooler climate . Still hot enough for you during the day though.

Daytime temperatures on Lake Jindabyne can vary from 20 degrees centigrade to over 40, in the mountain peaks for walkers, it can vary from 3-35 degrees as a guide. Overnight temperatures in the Snowy Mountains can fall below zero.   So it is important when Alpine walking to be prepared for varying temperatures and conditions - so you can get the most out of your alpine holiday.

Generally, for Lake Jindabyne swimming, sailing, fishing and water skiing, summer is ideal. Call us up for more details on 02 6456 2522

Crisp nights, sunny days, PERFECT walking weather, some cross -country skiing still available after some ski seasons end.. Nights you should still take a jumper or jacket with you, daytime walking in the mountains take a parka in a back pack, and be prepared for sudden drops in temperature.